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Everybody is a critic!

But that's a good thing here ;)

AMA Film Club
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Movie reviews, AMA style.
Like Movies? Want to go see a film but unsure whether or not it's worth your hard earned cash (or precious hard drive space)? Just saw a wicked awesome (or horribly bad) film and want to tell someone all about it? Then this is the place for you.

Here's how the game is played:

1. You see a film (yes, we've covered that);
2. You come here and state your opinion on said film (do make sure it hasn't been reviewed recently, in which case just add your say to that post if it's not too far down);
3. ALWAYS tag your post with the title of the film. To help us be extra organized, tag by genre as well;
4. While differing opinions are guaranteed with this kind of thing, please, be civil about it. Not saying that everyone has to be sunshine and rainbows, but let's act like adults, okay?
5. Please put ALL spoilers behind a cut. If you're not sure if it is a spoiler, play it safe and assume that it is;
6. Have fun, kids!

Handy links:
List of tags.
Ask_Me_Anything: for all your question asking needs.

#amamovie is now open! Whenever we do movie nights from now on, we have created a separate channel to participate in discussion about the movie without taking over the regular #ama chat.

The room is #amamovie on the server irc.darkmyst.org and you may join either by downloading an IRC client or using the Java App.

Programs for PC users:
ChatZilla (a Firefox add-on)

Programs for Mac users:
ChatZilla (a Firefox add-on)
X-Chat Aqua

To use our Java App:
1. Go here
2. Room name: amamovie
3. Nick name: your LJ username
4. Real name: your name
5. Click continue
6. Verify digital signature